3 Dimensional Imaging and Treatment Planning

Dr. O’Connor’s office offers the latest in imaging technology via the use of the Cone Beam Scanner. Essentially, this is a sit-down, “CAT SCAN” of the head and neck but with the advantages of much less radiation than the traditional CT’s in use today. The Data from the scanner is instantaneous, and can be imported into various applications for evaluation and treatment planning purposes. This allows Dr. O’Connor and the patient to see pathology, impacted teeth and positioning of implants in a 3-dimensional manner. This technology also allows Dr. O’Connor and his restorative dentist to “Reverse Engineer” a patients dental implant restorative case, giving great detail to bone augmentation considerations and ideal implant placement as the case is reconstructed/planned from the “ideal final” to the patients given presentation.

In addition to the detailed evaluation, the data can be used with Simplant software. Surgical guides and models of the patients actual bony anatomy can be made to help with treatment planning and guided implant surgery.