Important Information Regarding COVID-19


We here at the office of Dr. Patrick A. O’Connor, Ltd, having taken the COVID crisis seriously. And would like to take this time to explain preventative action that has been implemented for health and safety.

Our staff receives weekly COVID testing.

The office itself is equipped with the following:

  1. Needlepoint Bipolarization ionization units in each of our 3 air conditioners. ( This technology is trusted to safely clean the air in thousands of offices, schools, airports, hospitals and other community spaces around the world.
  2. IQAir’s HealthPro Plus, with Hyper HEPA filtration  units, placed strategically around the office. These units known as “air scrubbers” filter air in high volumes through high quality HEPA filters.
  3. Hydroxyl Generators that are placed in the operating room and recovery areas.  These work in a way that is most similar to ozone in the sense that they produce oxidizing gasses that break apart odor molecules. The two primary differences, however, are that hydroxyls are scientifically confirmed to be far more reactive than ozone, and they’re safe to use with sensitive materials. This machine is known to kill microorganisms in the air and is safe to use in-door where people are present. The basis of the machine internals is an electromagnetism reaction to the air mainly through the use of a type of advanced UV lights. You will see these units in the hospital emergency rooms and many homes for the elderly as well.
  4. In each of the surgery rooms, you will find us using a “High Volume Air Evacuation Device” during any cutting procedure that a “plum”, or aerosol is produced. This unit uses a HEPA filter that is designed to filter virus’s as small as HPV (Human Papilloma Virus – 55 nm diameter. The SARS CoVid measured at 70-90nm.
  5. In addition to the above we have a Mobile UV Surface Sanitizer that is used nightly after patient hours. This device has led the charge in killing and destroying pathogens that exist in rooms and on hard surfaces. Again, a device used commonly in hospital settings.
    Lastly, the usual infection control measures as outlined by the CDC and State of Nevada Infection Control Requirements are followed by the staff, and if anything, outperformed in this office.
    We take pride in our patient care here in the office of Dr. Patrick A. O’Connor, LTD, and have done so the past 30 years. Quality care and your safety are our priority.